Machines for manufacturing

30 hydraulic and electric injection molding machines
  • From 40t to 650t (including 2K)
  • From 0,2g to 2,2kg parts
3 vertical rotary stroke injection molding machines
  • From 90t to 250t
  • From 10g to 750g parts

Equipment in place

  • Robots, manipulators and pickers
  • Material handling and drying systems, separators
  • Coloring equipment
  • Ultrasonic welding machine
  • Tool shop for maintenance and repairs
  • Ultrasonic and Dry-ice cleanning system
  • Granulate Humidity
  • 3D coordinate machine in production area

Materials for injection

Processing of all common plastics from wide range of manufacturers

  • PA, PA66, PA6 GF15, PA6 GF30, PA6 GF10 GB20
  • PP, PPS, PP GF15, PP MX20, PP T20
  • ABS, PC, PC ABS, POM, PET, PS, PBT,... etc.

Thousands of color combinations

  • automatic batch SW in use
  • pigments and aditive mixtures
  • colors mixing, over  5 000  Masters
  • light chamber, spectrophotometer